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Why sell a profitable domain?

If it's making money why sell a domain right?

The short answer is money and increased returns. If the sites are seeing a 80% to 100% ROI. Meaning if I spend $100 a day I will make $180 in profit. At the same time on some of the other sites I will make 200% to 250% so it makes more sense to increase the budgets on the more profitable sites so that same $100 a day is making $300 a day right? I could just stop the ads for the one site and spend that money on the other site but then the value of themes profitable site goes away so it makes more sense to sell the domain and use that cash and not only put the $100 a day that we are spending on ads to the higher ROI site but then we have a large lump sum of cash to spend on the more ROI site with ads.

Things such as these (market research) are what we do on a daily basis. Wanna talk about buying a profitable domain? Contact us now.

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