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Why are we suggesting these services to the Client?

· 94% of people said that web design was the reason they rejected or mistrusted a website.

· 48% of consumers cited that a website’s design is the number one factor in deciding whether the business is credible.

· Only 19% of consumers claim social media aided in the discovery process of their vendor.

· 1% of cold calls convert into an appointment.

· Cold email receives an open rate of 24% and roughly a 2-3% click rate.

· 74% of buyers choose the person who first adds value and insight.

Sources: Hubspot, optinmonster, Margin Media, Medium, and Blue Corona

Initial Setup:

· Assist inthecompletion of 5 initial Customer Avatars.

o A Customer Avatar template will be provided to complete additional avatars as the client sees fit.

· Logo creation (If needed).

· Create a personalized website.

o Implement a chatbot if desired.

o Implement Subscribers to the site to push

Nurturing your leads


o Explore Lightbox features if desired.

o Create a landing page.

o Initial testing of 5 variations for each of the chatbots, landing pages, lead gen window or lightbox.

Implement and test up to 5 advertising campaigns and 50 different total ads across Google, Spotify, Bing and LinkedIn ,as the target demographic suggests to directly acquire leads via prospect email and or phone number entry.

o Test copy, design, buttons, keywords and placement.

· Create and manage an email marketing account to nurture leads.

· Initial keyword research and testing.

· Assist in or create marketing videos, dependent on location.

· Create an extensive content marketing plan and calendar using blogs, webinars, Facebook live,etc. Ongoing monthly services:

· Additional Customer Avatars can be submitted at anytime.

· Monthly analytics reports showing all website and advertising campaign data.

· Monthly keyword analysis. Updates as needed.

· Testing:

o An additional 5 variations can be tested per month of the chatbot, landing page,lead gen window or lightbox.

o 2advertisingcampaignsperdesiredplatformwith3variationspercampaign.

· Help create a free piece of material to be used to gain leads(e.g.budgeting spreadsheet, information webinar, etc).

o Once per quarter

· Create a monthly email campaign to nurture leads.

· Create a quarterly email campaign forecasting customers.

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