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Spam/Junk mail of daily life

“Nothing in life is free.” RIGHT?

Not true.

People will freely give you their opinions or “advice” –even when you don’t ask for it.

Is there anything more annoying than that?

Nobody escapes the dreaded unsolicited advice. It’s like the junk mail of life…

“Shouldn’t he be wearing a coat?” “I can think of 20 reasons you shouldn’t be drinking that soda.” “Maybe you’d have a boyfriend if you exercised a bit more.” “That beard makes you look 10 years older.” “No wonder your kid is sick all the time. You gave him formula as a baby.” “Keep your eye on the prize!”

Not all unsolicited advice is bad, granted.

Maybe you should exercise more or eat less fast food.

Maybe you do have blind spots in your work-life game plan or some bad habits that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

So how do you know when to listen and who to listen to?

We all know the Internet is full of coaches, mentors, and pundits ready to give anyone and everyone some life changing advice –even if they don’t really know their stuff or are simply recycling what they’ve been told by other so-called gurus.

Let me offer you some advice (I’m being partly sarcastic and partly genuine here because I’m allowed to…Hey, you opted in to receive these emails!).

I have waded through volumes of content, coaching, training programs, courses, ebooks, and so on that the (real and faux) experts have submitted to the masses.

I have separated the silver from the garbage. Kept the former and trashed the latter. And I’m ready to share with you the most valuable information that I’ve gained over the 18+ years I have been doing this, field-testing, and ongoing conversations I have had with entrepreneurial professionals.

Please take my advice and set up a call with me now to see how we can implement confidence and daily set goals in order to take your financial stability to new heights.

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