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Life Lessons on the Baseball Mound

At a local youth select baseball game this past season, I was drawn to a mismatch on the field.

Who doesn’t love a good David and Goliath underdog story right?

The event took place pitcher v. batter. The pitcher-who couldn’t have been much more than 4 feet tall- took the mound against a batter who was at least 5’10”.

I thought to myself, “how are these two kids the same age?” “This probably won’t go well.”

Above picture are the two standing at first base.

First pitch…


The giant batter hit a groundball right between the jeering third baseman and shortstop (who might have made the play if they weren’t too busy laughing at their teammate). Leadoff single.

“Come on, kid, you can do it!” I felt myself urging.

Next batter. Strikeout. One down.

Next batter. Strikeout. Two outs.

The third baseman was no longer laughing, which was good because the next batter lined one right at him. He made the catch for out number three.

I marveled.

That little runt faced down Goliath and prevailed.

14 pitches. 1 hit. 2 strikeouts. 0 walks. 0 runs.

In fact, he was the only pitcher of the 12 to pitch in that 6-inning game NOT to give up a run.

So what was the deal with this kid?

He had the weakest arm of anyone on either team but achieved the best result.

What happened here was that he interrupted the norm.

The young batters had been trained to hit off of much faster, straight pitches.

The little hurler disrupted their timing. That, coupled with their overconfidence at his diminutive size caused them to get caught off guard. Before they knew it, they were out, and the inning was over.

Would the pitcher have had the same result inning after inning? Probably not. Hitters adjust.

But that’s not the point or the underlying message here.

To change the game, you need to arrest people’s attention by disrupting the normal or established patterns.

As was the case in the ball game, there is a limited window of opportunity for that to occur. After that, it’s gone.

The little pitcher unknowingly tapped into that pattern disrupt and notched the best performance of the day, earning the game ball.

I wanted to run over and shake his hand, but I didn’t know him. And that would’ve been weird.

But I did him one better by preserving his story forever in one of my timeless blog… : )

How are you disrupting your everyday business life? How are you capitalizing on this pattern interruption?

This is one of the many things we can discuss to push your business to the next level. But you need to contact me first…

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