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If you are paying 3% for P.O.S., DON'T!!!!

Stop paying 3 percent

I've been paying 3 percent at point of sale since 2001. However recently I have found a great program that is driving profits, opposed to stealing my money during point of sale.

Great news. I'm ready to share it with you. How does it work?

Example: A non-cash adjustment of 4% is set on all sales at the point of sale. When a customer pays in cash, the adjustment is waived! This will cost you nothing and increase your profit on each sale!

!!!You no longer pay the processing cost!!!


-Rather than marking up your pricing to cover the card fees, offer your customer the option to save where they can.

-Use your sales data to skyrocket your business with inventory control & customer management.

-Stay in the know with real time reporting, ideal for busy execs who just need more hours in the day. Fully integrated with Quickbooks!

-You'll increase your profit on every sale with this system.

-If you're the DIY type but want occasional help getting started, our phone support service is for you.

-Free disclosure signage and cards that you can hand to customers that explains the program. 

-This program has been rolled out to thousands of business nationwide and has been common practice for years.

-Get $50 for each business you refer!

Contact me today in order to get a no obligation presentation.

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