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Don't know what to post on FB daily?

Here's a guide!

1- Empower - Our world needs more empowering posts. Don't know HOW to empower others? Get your inspiration from self-develoment. You should be doing at least 15 mins daily of self development. Share what you learned. By adding value to others you make connections. When people feel connected with you they want to invest in themselves, and ultimately YOU.

If you need a list of people to follow on YouTube for inspiration, contact us today.

2- Educate - Think about what you can share to educate others that is in tune with your brand. For example... If you like cooking...what recipes can you share on your Facebook wall that others would love? Tips? Make it FUN (eye catching graphics or videos!!) and THEN share those in genre groups that you are a member. Add value. Create a following by having a presence in those groups.

3- Entertain - People LOVE funny memes. Entertaining posts can become sharable content. THAT is what you want to do. Share content that has the potential of going viral. Share that content into the appropriate groups.

3 E's
Don't Know What to Post on Your Social Channels?

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